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Reading Eggspress Spelling program for Years 1 to 6

Students learn to spell while improving reading, writing and comprehension skills

Research proves that students have more spelling success if they learn to recognise common spelling patterns and generalisations among words as part of an explicit and systematic teaching program.

What is required for automaticity of recall is spelling instruction that is explicit and systematic, focusing on exploring patterns that can be detected in the sound, structure, and meaning features of words, and thus reinforcing and consolidating children’s understanding of how the spelling system works (Mullock, 2013).

The Reading Eggspress Spelling program focuses on common spelling rules, generalisations and strategies using a combination of teaching videos, engaging online activities and games with printable worksheets and assessment tests. The program includes a variety of instructional strategies including visual memory, definitions, word families, word sorts and proofreading with differentiated word lists.

  • Explicit and systematic teaching videos explore spelling patterns and rules, morphology, word building, irregular words plus words that derive from other languages including Latin, Greek and French.
  • Sequential lessons cover a core of year-level words essential for reading and writing success.
  • Spelling activities build skills in reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening.
  • A research-based program with spelling skills that transfer to improved reading and writing.
  • Supports students of all abilities through differentiated word lists and motivational online activities and games.
  • Comprehensive student and class reports – show student progress over time.

Spelling Program Components

  • 216 lessons across years 1 – 6, with 36 lessons per year.
  • 432 student worksheets with 2 per lesson.
  • Adaptive lessons allow students to progress through three levels of difficulty.

Overview of skills, phonics and generalizations

Begin Early Mid Late
Alphabet ch and tch ou and ow ew and ue
Short vowels Plurals: s, es  Endings: et, it, ot wh and ph
Long vowels Hard k   or and ore Endings: en and on
a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e oo and ou  The suffix: ing ie and igh
Double consonants Ending: ve  Ending: y Suffixes: er and est
ea and ee w oa and ow  oy and oi au and aw
ea exceptions Ending: er  air, ear, are Compound words
nk ay and ai  Suffixes: ed Tricky words
ar, er, ir, ur Hard and soft c  Words endings: le The prefix: un
Begin Early Mid Late
Plural verbs Plurals with y Suffixes: er and est  Past tense
ar and or Homophones a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e
y and ey le, el, al ing and ed (2)  ea and ee
scr, spr and str wh k and ck Endings: ar, er, or
qu Exceptions Suffix: ly ai, a-e
Suffixes: ing and ed  Plurals: s, ves Ending: ge Word building
Prefix: un oo (2) Compound words er, est
oo Suffixes: ful, less Contractions Tricky words
Soft c kn, gn, wr Plurals ment, ness
Begin Early Mid Late
Vowels igh ies, ied squ and sph
shr and thr Suffix: ing  augh and ough Suffix: y
Endings: et, it, ot ei, ey, eigh Suffix: ed  Contractions
oy and oi le, el, al c and g Irregular plurals
Endings: ch Suffix: ed Past tense Suffix: ly
air and eer Homophones ery, ary, ory ear
Plurals: s, es Silent k, g, w ful and less un, dis, mis
Silent b, l, h Suffixes: er and or Silent t, n, u Tricky words
Suffix: ing wh, ph, gh Compound words Suffix: ness
Begin Early Mid Late
Long vowels un, dis, mis Past tense re, de, pre
ew, ue, ui Plurals: s, ies our, ure ment, ship, hood
air, eer, ear ice, ise wh, ph, gh ery, ary, ory
Suffix: ing er and est y able, ible
Plurals: s, es ie and ei ch Latin origins
c and g Suffix: ly in, ine, ain Tricky words
le, el, al Homophones Suffix: ous Suffix: ly (2)
ge ent and ant in, im, ir, il cc, xc
Suffix: ed Compound words ion, ation Greek origins
Begin Early Mid Late
Vowels: exceptions ity ous oo, ou
rse and rce Compound words Plurals: s, ies wh, ph, gh
ent and ant Latin origins fer ence and ance
and, end, ond Suffix: ive age, idge Eponyms
Suffix: fy ish ment, ship, hood Suffix: ly
Homophones un, dis, mis Vowels que
our and ure Plurals: s and es ion, ian Word building
ic ist ch Loan words
Silent letters Portmanteau  Tricky words anti, circum, extra
Begin Early Mid Late
ea and ee i and ay oa and ow Eponyms
Homophones Word building Greek origins Vowels: exceptions
er and est Suffix: ic re, de, pre Plurals: s, ies
ant and ent Compound words ance, ence Suffix: ly
Plurals: s, es Loan words cc, xc ity
er and or ie and ei Tricky words ary, ery, ory
Vowels able and ible ness ably, ibly
ful and less igh, eigh, aigh Irregular plurals in, im, ir, il
un, mis, dis Suffix: ous ion, ian ancy, ency

Scientific Research Base

Download the Reading Eggspress Spelling Program Scientific Research Base PDF.