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ABC Reading Eggspress

ABC Reading Eggspress is designed to help children grow into confident lifelong readers. From research and classrooms around the world, it is clear that the following four elements are essential:

1. Step-by-step comprehension strategies

ABC Reading Eggspress helps children to think about and understand what they read. Core reading comprehension skills are explicitly taught in a logical sequence across the 220 lessons. Activities give step-by-step teaching to make new strategies clear and check understanding with short quizzes.

2. Reading widely, reading often

All of the e-books in ABC Reading Eggspress are sorted by reading age and have Lexile levels, so all children can easily find books at their level and interest.

3. Effective comprehension strategies

The 220 comprehension lessons help children to think about and understand what they read with animated examples that build a wide range of comprehension strategies. These strategies are then practised repeatedly.

4. Motivation

ABC Reading Eggspress is full of exciting rewards, games and competitive fun that helps children stay motivated to learn.