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Activity Workbooks for Spelling, Comprehension and Reading

Explore a wonderful range of ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Reading Eggspress workbooks, which make the perfect complement to the online reading programs. Visit our online shop here and choose the best option for your child's needs.

Spelling Workbooks for Years 1–6

Reading Eggspress Spelling Books

Practice activities for children in Years 1–6

The ABC Reading Eggspress Spelling books for Years 1–6 work together with the Reading Eggspress online Spelling program (in the English Skills section).

With this fully integrated online and print program children learn, use and apply their spelling skills across a range of online question types and written activities. It gives them the opportunity to use new spelling rules and strategies, improve their proofreading abilities, and boost their vocabulary development for improvements in writing.

Comprehension and Grammar Workbooks for Years 2–6

Reading Eggspress Comprehension and Grammar Workbooks

Practice activities for students in Years 2–6

This series provides students with a comprehensive and systematic way to build, improve and extend their reading comprehension and grammar skills.

Each workbook includes 40 comprehension lessons that build literal, inferential and critical comprehension skills, eight grammar lessons, four levelled assessments and a mixture of multiple‑choice and short‑answer questions. These components work together to help students understand new ideas, make connections and unlock deeper meaning when they read. When combined with the ABC Reading Eggspress lessons, the program acts as a powerful way to boost reading levels for school success.

Reading Eggs Book Packs, Activity Books and Flashcards

Reading Eggs book packs

For 4 to 7 year olds who are learning to read

The Starting Out Level has 40 ABC Reading Eggs online lessons and covers the alphabet, letter sounds and first words. ABC Reading Eggs Book Packs 1–4 and Activity Books 1–4 have been created to reinforce these online lessons.

Beginning to Read is the next level covered by the ABC Reading Eggs lessons 41–80. ABC Reading Eggs Book Packs 5–8 and Activity Books 5–8 reinforce these lessons.